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The Advantages of Inbound Marketing for a Business

Inbound Marketing
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Inbound Marketing. Rarely two words represented both for a specific sector, such as Digital Marketing. And it is that since the appearance of this concept in 2006, its way of conceiving Internet advertising has revolutionized the way of working of thousands of companies around the world.

The new digital formats have changed the paradigms of civilization and have formulated new questions that have required modern approaches, so these new techniques have not taken time to make a name for themselves thanks to the multitude of answers they offer.

The Effectiveness of Inbound Marketing

Nearly 15 years after its creation, Inbound Marketing agencies and, in particular, Hubspot Agencies are currently the main references in the world of Digital Marketing.

Three decades in which the ‘Conversion funnel has amply demonstrated its effectiveness in meeting demanding objectives – such as recruitment, conversion, sale and loyalty – in a simple, efficient way and, most importantly, fully in tune with the new times.

Statistics have endorsed this because, as HubSpot’s ‘The State of Inbound 2018’ study points out, 72% of companies that apply Inbound Marketing strategies consider themselves satisfied with this commitment.

This represents an increase of 4% over the records obtained in 2017 and places them clearly ahead of the trust data (62%) of those organizations that used traditional or Outbound Marketing strategies throughout 2018.

However, this is not a simple matter of complacency, but also profitability. For this reason, it is important to highlight that the same report stresses that accompanying advertising usually provides a higher ROI (52%) than in cases where it is oriented towards direct appeal (18%).

The secret of Success that is obvious

By now we are clear that Inbound Marketing agencies generate more satisfaction and are more likely to carry out successful campaigns. But it is important that we understand that it is not a matter of ‘witchcraft’, but of adaptation to the new times.

The digital society – emerged at the end of the last century and finished settling at the beginning of the latter – is very particular and has specific characteristics. Fundamentally, because its new technologies are bombarding people with constant stimuli and attention is no longer focused on one point for a long time. The existing offer is huge and very varied and the advertising that fails to please is quickly discarded and dismissed.

According to Page Fair’s latest ‘Adblock 2020’ report, at the end of last year about 763 million global devices were blocking advertising in some way. So users no longer tolerate invasive ads that bother them when they are browsing.

Simple and direct appeals are a thing of the past; And what it takes today is to add value to the buyer person, accompany her in the process and please her to show her commitment to the product. In other words, a laborious plan that includes a multitude of elements such as SEO, Social Media, content or Social Ads; but that, properly planned and structured, helps Inbound Marketing agencies to obtain measurable and lasting results.

The Differential Advantages of Inbound Marketing agencies

Inbound Marketing Agency

But let us specify a little more and point directly to the benefits that this complete method has for companies and their businesses:


  • It clarifies and simplifies processes, because it favors marketing automation to automate tasks and allows us to clearly identify the phases of our plan. In fact, the contribution of specialized tools, such as those offered by Hubspot, makes it possible to centralize all these processes and have a global perspective at a glance.
  • It develops in an open channel, which is not corsetted and is durable. We are talking less and less about temporary announcements that are limited to specific spaces, and more about Hubspot agencies that work with personalized and lasting communication channels. Resources such as blogs provide solutions and value to our potential clients, generate leads, are totally moldable organically and also work 24 hours a day.
  • It gives reliability to our investment. By marking the steps of our strategy well, it allows us to quickly see what works and what doesn’t, as well as focus our work to boost ROI and make our campaigns profitable.
  • Strengthens the brand image and consolidates our branding, as it bets on quality content and feeds mutual feedback between the company and the customer. The treatment is essential and for this it is necessary to transmit credibility and trust; which adds value to the product or service we offer.
  • It helps us to position our company well in the competitive digital sector. Inbound Marketing involves working with SEO carefully, because organic positioning is approximately 5.66 times more effective than paid search ads.
  • Generate a direct link with buyer persona and enhance engagement. The raison d’être of Inbound Marketing agencies is not to make an immediate profit, but to capture today, build loyalty on a day-to-day basis and achieve recurring sales as soon as possible. So it is a patience strategy that allows us to create a wide portfolio of quality and committed customers, thanks to the valuable content we provide them.
  • It allows establishing a database. The information is of enormous value in our time and collecting the data that our clients give us voluntarily will allow us to develop appropriate Marketing strategies in the future.
  • It is perfectly adapted to the needs of e-commerce. Digital sales have been the lifeline of many businesses during the Coronavirus pandemic, as they have experienced growth of over 50% in recent months. And Inbound Marketing agencies are specially prepared to create campaigns associated with this sales channel, because they dominate the digital market and know how to satisfy the needs of their users.

CRM applications represent the rise of Inbound Marketing

Consequently, the question is no longer whether Inbound Marketing is suitable for digital advertising, but why there are companies that are still not clear about its usefulness. The experiences of a multitude of Marketing agencies speak in its favor, as well as the recent boom in its associated tools, such as CRM applications, which reached a value of nearly $ 36 billion in 2017. Therefore, the future allows Let us be optimistic about the adoption of this method as a business solution for the sector, as more and more organizations decide to specialize to carry the label of ‘Hubspot agency’ and be synonymous with quality.

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