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Top 10 AR/VR Development Companies in India

ar vr development company
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Before people notice the artificial intelligence has taken over the world and it is already reading daily emails. There are filters in phone cameras that would allow their consumers to post funny photos and play amazing interactive games. In the age of the filters almost every person looks great. There are those who are aware that it would allow their consumers to find out that what has been taking place and what would allow them to make a better impression on others. In short, it is impossible for many people to live without filters.

The Top 10 AR/VR companies

1. Fluper Ltd.

These are the designers of mobile applications. The company has a great track record and has collaborated with a lot of great enterprises around and about. They have had the milestone of getting 5 million user interactions on different applications. Their results are great and they are experts in creating patches and short results. It would also allow their consumers to find out about what types of products are most needed by these consumers.

2. CMARIXTechnolabs

CMARIXTechnolabsis a leading technology outsourcing companywith expertise inAugmented Reality (AR) Development, VR App Developmentwith a track record of shaping the success story of several leading ARapps. They provide unique and immersive VR experience powered by sophisticated features, unique VR implementation and lean design.

3. Windstar Games

 This is an award winning software development organization. The company has tons of experience and it has not lack of fresh ideas and talent as well. The enterprise has been able to remain operational since 2001 and has over 300+ clients till date. Their reviews and sample projects are great. The expert of team would be able to convert raw ideas into reality when they are required to come up with new ideas.

4. Kmphitech

This company aims to facilitate their clients with the all-rounder perfect technical partner. Any project that requires a long term commitment and an appeal on many grounds would be covered by this enterprise. From web development to software and from game bases to mobile application there are no projects that are not supported by the company.

5. GameAnax Studio Pvt.Ltd. 

These are one of the fastest growing companies in India. There area of expertise is to create custom AR and VR applications. They have 8 years of industry experience and many successful projects and happy clients.

6. Linea Digitech

This company is not only successful in India but it has managed to open up a branch in Saudi Arabia. They provide IT related services like web development, mobile applications, and many others. Their main area of expertise is to create custom application and tools like chatbots and automation tools for websites.

7. Space-O Technologies

This design company has the ability to make sure that they are able to create the best results in the market place by ensuring that there is the possibility of creating the VR and AR based mobile applications for consumers. This application development company is the best in India and has been recognized by the rewarding authorities.

8. Cygnet Infotech.

The company has a diversified IT project portfolio. They are proud to have clients in more than 35 countries in the world. As the time is moving forward the ideals of the company dictates that they offer their consumers only the best solutions and the best prices.

9. Monkhub Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

This company is trying to provide businesses a smart solution with the help of AR and VR technologies. They are using complex algorithms and programming software to meet with the most rudimentary needs of a business. They are also concerned with making the daily used software more user-friendly and productive.

10. GovPro:

This is a dedicated game development company based in Delhi. The team of 25 staff members consists of design experts. The motto of the company is to turn ‘virtual’ into reality. It is the best option for the businesses that are looking to expand their consumer base with the help of mobile game development companies.



The world of technology is changing rapidly. Only a decade ago the people in many parts of the world where unaware about what are smart phones. While there were others who were aware that it would be a great idea for them to find the object that would allow them to have an impact in their life times on many others who are to come. The next generation is engrained with the idea of new age video games and the type of products that are necessary for everyday lives.

Zuber Shaikh
Zuber Shaikh
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