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Today, I am going to reveal to you how to get;

  • Free quality traffic to your site?
  • Quality backlinks to your site?
  • Your site ranking top on search engine results page?

Submitting your site URL to articles submission sites can help you achieve the above.

Submitting your URL to article submission sites is how you can get free quality traffic to your site.

IMZUBER Update Daily New Sites in this List.

Article submission means creating quality articles and submitting them on articles submission sites, with a link pointing back to you site or a particular content on your site.

Use these free article submission sites list below to boost traffic to your site and as well get quality backlinks.

Free Article Submission Sites 2018-19

Last Update 14-10-2019

Domain Authority: 95| Page Authority: 79| Spam Score: 7% is a free article submission site where you can submit your article with instant approval. you will get a link pointing back to your site. It will help to boost traffic to your site. You can sign up to view its amazing functions. Medium provide dofollow backlinks in publication platform use.
Domain Authority: 93| Page Authority: 69| Spam Score: 1%

Uploading your content and getting noticed has never been easier if you have a website and you are finding it hard to gain more views than is for you this is where you upload all the stuff you have in mind’ if your guess is as good as mine, you will find a lot of people that have similar interests as yours that will be willing to check out your website through your shared link.

Domain Authority: 93| Page Authority: 71| Spam Score: 2% helps you answer all questions. Is your site/? Then you can submit your articles for free and get more reads and visitors as it helps to point visitors back to your site or a particular content on your site. This, in turn, boost traffic to your site and helps publicize your website.

Domain Authority: 93| Page Authority: 73| Spam Score: 1%

Publish your articles on to get the required attention that your website needs. This free website has made a name and if you are a starter in the game, the best thing to do is get attached to an existing website. The good thing is that publishing your article on this site is free and. you will get a quality backlink through this website. Technology related article submit here.

Domain Authority: 91| Page Authority: 70| Spam Score: 1%

Hubpages platform best for Technology related article. Publishing and getting traffic to your site is quite tasking. enables you to redirect visitors back to your page. You get to generate more traffic to your page through this free site via a link that points visitors back to your page.Hubpages is also article submission site with instant approval.

Domain Authority: 90| Page Authority: 65| Spam Score: 1%

Free Submit article in with Dofollow backlinks. is a site that can enable you to post your article so that visitors who visited their sites get to read your article and help you generate general traffic to your website. You can get considerable traffic to your website when these sites get visitors it helps you manage your visitors as they manage theirs. is also free article submission site with instant approval.

Domain Authority: 87| Page Authority: 72| Spam Score: 4%

Ezinearticles is one great site to publish your articles. It gets millions of visitors every day. You might just be lucky enough to get views on your own articles. It links your website to it so that through them you can get an easy lead to your own website.

Domain Authority: 84| Page Authority: 63| Spam Score: 7%

If you have been writing and you feel like stepping up your game, is your best option. When you submit your URL to this site, you get free quality traffic to your site. It helps boost traffic to your site.

Domain Authority: 83| Page Authority: 59| Spam Score: 1%

Do you write quality articles but find it difficult to get the required traffic? You can take advantage of It is a site where you can submit your news article and still link it back to your website in order to generate traffic for your site. Links a link is generated that helps to redirect visitors to your site.

Domain Authority: 80| Page Authority: 59| Spam Score: 1%

Yourstory, com enables you to have a lot of visitors on your website. Since it might be difficult for people to know your individual website, it will connect visitors your site visitors that might need to hear your story thereby generating more traffic to your sites. Free Article Submit in Yourstory platform. Best for startup business story share.

Domain Authority: 78| Page Authority: 63| Spam Score: 1% provides the latest information about social media handles. Are you very active in social media and feel you can always have a piece of first hand news to the latest developments in social media? Maybe you own a blog but you have not gained recognition; publish now to get more people to reach your site

Domain Authority: 78| Page Authority: 62| Spam Score: 14%

Publish on webpronews to get more views. Do you have current news and articles that are trending and will get lots of views? Articles published on that it gets a lot of views and you will, in turn, get a lot of traffic to your website. Publish now and make your site more popular.

Domain Authority: 78| Page Authority: 58| Spam Score: 6% gives you world news and opinion from the ground. Where ever you are around the globe, you can submit your news article and get it published in this wonderful platform. It will help you get more views and visitors to your site.

Domain Authority: 74| Page Authority: 62| Spam Score: 4% aims at giving the latest news within the shortest time possible. Articles are published on thewebsite where millions of visitors come to view it. Free submit article in platform.

Domain Authority: 71| Page Authority: 59| Spam Score: 13%

Free Your article submit here after register profile. Get dofollow backlinks.Subscribe to and get a chance to receive a lot of views on your website. People who visit this website will be redirected to your website and this will, in turn, generate more traffic for you

Domain Authority: 68| Page Authority: 59| Spam Score: 1% is where both editors and publishers meet. Over the years, it has gained ground in news publishing. It is regarded as an authoritative voice because it has stood strong for over a decade. if you have a piece of news that you want to get out there, this is an ample opportunity. Publish and get your voice heard and more traffic to your site.

Domain Authority: 65| Page Authority: 63| Spam Score: 28%

Selfgrowth provide free article submission services with dofollow backlinks. But need some times for approval article. If you write articles about relationships, success skills or health, is a unique site to publish. Get started now and make your site visible to their numerous visitors. You will get a lot of traffic on your site. This is what you want, isn’t it?

Domain Authority: 65| Page Authority: 58| Spam Score: 2%

If you are a tech person, offers you an opportunity to publish your work. You can also get first-hand information about tech and everything related to it. Get your website connected and enjoy its numerous benefits

Domain Authority: 64| Page Authority: 54| Spam Score: 1% reports news as they happen by day, it reports the local news at a very subsidized rate. If you write about daily happenings around your area, then take advantage of this and get your website noticed with

Domain Authority: 55| Page Authority: 58| Spam Score: Nill is known for its millions of pages of great content. If you can write unique content that is plagiarism-free, you might just get a chance on this wonderful platform. It is free and a good place to start. Sign up now and get the online recognition you want.

Domain Authority: 55| Page Authority: 46| Spam Score: 2%

Are you a web designer Or a mobile app developer? Do you write articles on cryptocurrency or telecommunications market research? is for you. it can bring you into the limelight and get you the recognition you want. Submit your content and get started

Domain Authority: 53| Page Authority: 58| Spam Score: 13%

Sign in to for various news ranging from business to communication, food and drinks and health and fitness, what is your nitch? It doesn’t really matter. Whatever you write on will be accommodated in this website, sign in today.

Domain Authority: 52| Page Authority: 54| Spam Score: 1% gives tips on business start-ups. If you have the intention of starting a business website, it is a great site to write and receive information concerning your business, you can also get small business ideas and start-up loans to kick start your business

Domain Authority: 51| Page Authority: 60| Spam Score: Nill

You can submit your article on to gain quick recognition through this site you can also create free blog to manage your articles.isnt this amazing

Domain Authority: 50| Page Authority: 51| Spam Score: 7%

With Article, you can write on a variety of topics ranging from animals and pets to finance and even your hubbies. If you can write quality articles, be rest assured that you will be given a space in this platform. is also free article submission site with instant approval.

Domain Authority: 49| Page Authority: 59| Spam Score: 9% offers free articles, free web content and free article feed which is submitted for distribution to ezines and affiliate websites you can be part of this by submitting quality articles which will be vetted and published appropriately

Domain Authority: 48| Page Authority: 56| Spam Score: 5%

This platform gives both newbies and experts the opportunity to show their work. Publishing in is a great way to start off, you can publish virtually everything ranging from your exercise routine to your diet. It is really a great place to showcase your talent.

Domain Authority: 47| Page Authority: 54| Spam Score: 23%

Get your article on and get it to the world. If you consider yourself a good enough writer, then give it a shot. Publish on this website and get your articles read by millions of site is really a great platform to get started.

Domain Authority: 47| Page Authority: 46| Spam Score: 18% gives you ample opportunity to get your article published and read by millions of viewers. It has a lot of information to offer. You can get recent information from google and also write updated.

Domain Authority: 42| Page Authority: 55| Spam Score: 28% gives you a platform to write on topics relating to business entertainment, health, and finance, sports, and recreation, etc. do you have any of these topics you are writing about but you are not getting the required audience? Take advantage of this platform and get your work out to millions of readers out there

Domain Authority: 40| Page Authority: 40| Spam Score: 1%

If you have interest or ideas on different businesses people can do from home, then is the right place to publish your work gives you ample opportunity to show off your work
Domain Authority: 36| Page Authority: 51| Spam Score: 28%

Sign up today at and start publishing your articles this platform brings together authors and writers of original content and publishes it for readers digest. You can get your articles published free on this site

Domain Authority: 35| Page Authority: 42| Spam Score: 5%

If you are an author, is a nice place to publicize your work. Make sure you have a valid email. Your site will be validated and your articles can be submitted for others to see. It is a great way of getting more traffic into your site.

Domain Authority: 35| Page Authority: 47| Spam Score: 3%

Are you an article written about business, lifestyle and travel, Iguides.crg will help publicize your work. Sign in and start to upload your work to gain more visitors.

Domain Authority: 32| Page Authority: 53| Spam Score: 16% is an online platform that talks about moving and relocating, personal finance and. Attorneys and business owners looking for more exposure. You can publish your article and give it the exposure it deserves

Domain Authority: 31| Page Authority: 48| Spam Score: 11%

Submit your article on to generate high traffic to your website. You can also earn when you submit articles and get it approved. It is a great way to start your writing career.

Domain Authority: 31| Page Authority: 48| Spam Score: 7% is a top article submission directory and article search engine for people that need specific information. Many people have quality articles but don’t get enough visitors to their sites. You can submit your articles and have thousand of readers read your articles.

Domain Authority: 31| Page Authority: 36| Spam Score: 20% is a blog that publishes your articles, you can get a lot of trending contents from this site, register for free and connect your site to it to get started

If you want to rank high on Google search engine result page, then this is a must for you.

Submitting your content to article submission sites gives you an edge over getting a ton of traffic to your site.


zuber shaikh
zuber shaikh
IMZUBER was founded by Zuber S. a renowned SEO expert in Surat. He has spent 7+ years working with several firms as a team leader, an online marketing manager, and now he is a refined and unique SEO strategy developer with a demonstrated history in top-ranking across a diverse market.


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  2. Article Submission is one of the topmost SEO Off-Page Technique that helps you to drive traffic upon your website. There are many high-quality article submission sites to get backlinks from for your website. It helps in increasing your website’s online visibility. Get the list of best article submission sites from our website.

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