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Know the 6 Best Small Business SEO Services for 2019

best seo services for small business owner

In this digital era, SEO services play the cue card in etching the success story of the sites.

Let it be blogs, pages or simple logo, an optimized search can generate better leads and help your company to proceed further with the business.

Moreover, it can help the customers to fetch the pages easily and in turn, brings in increased conversion rates.

All these subtleties are necessary for reaching sales targets and gaining mass support. But undertaking the multiple works of designing, planning and executing is quite difficult.

It cannot be done single-handedly since it involves the interplay of various factors.

Therefore, you must seek professional agency who is offering reliable SEO services.

A myriad of services are available all over the globe, but you have to think about the pricing and features of a particular service before choosing SEO to grow your website traffic.

Top 6 SEO Services in 2019 to Drive Phenomenal results for your Website across the Spectrum

We have compared more than 40 small business SEO services, and then narrowing it down in this article to the top six based on toolkits, transparency, pricing and specializations arriving at the best overall.

So. let’s take a glance below before choosing the best services for boosting your business:S

#1Straight North

The Best Overall Small Business SEO Service

Straight North’s targeted and cutting-edge solutions help to convert leads and grow your business and attract the customers.

This SEO service is a market-specific agency and provides affordable SEO services starting at 3673 AED per month.

It specializes in the niche-specific and industry-specific tracking, implementation, reporting, SEO planning and optimization.

Straight North best serves small and growing businesses who are looking for an industry-specific service, including hospitality, health, agriculture, automotive, food, retail, finance and other industries.

Best For

This SEO service is best for small businesses seeking affordable month-to-month, industry-specialized SEO services.


Straight North offers its custom pricing based on the assessment of the page authority, domain authority, referring domains, backlinks, backlink quality and more.

  • For location-specific campaigns, you have to pay 3673 AED monthly.
  • For national campaigns Straight North offers a minimum price tag of 11,020 AED.

Key Features

  • Straight North provides a comprehensive toolkit for fulfilling the SEO needs for your small and growing business, including graphic design, website development, front-end and copywriting, link building and Google penalty recovery.
  • This SEO service basically provides fully transparent and comprehensive progress and tracking reports.
  • It has a facility of both competitor SEO and free SEO audits.
  • Generally, this service specializes in the niche- and industry-specific SEO strategies.

Comprehensive Toolkit

Straight North basically focuses on static visual SEO instead of video SEO. This service provides a comprehensive and standard toolkit which helps to customize your goals and business including copywriting, content-strategy development, front- and back-end development, graphic design and more. So, let’s discuss the key toolkit which this SEO service mainly offers to its clients:

  • Copyrighting

It creates informative, high-quality and engaging business-to-consumer (B2C) content business-to-business (B2B)  to grow on-site link and off-site building.

  • Graphic Design

It creates slides presentations, infographics and some other top-notch visual contents to boost the possibility of the organic link building.

  • Consulting

If you are willing to do in-house SEO and aren’t prepared still for a totally managed campaign, then you should choose Straight North that will surely help you to achieve your goal.

  • Front-end Development

It develops interactive content such as inquiry forms, online calculators and more to boost the potentiality of link building.

  • Lead Generation

Straight North’s SEO strategies revolve around revenue, not vanity metrics like traffic.

  • Strategy Development

This SEO service, at first, research questions and discuss about your products, business goals, services, target keywords, competitors and more. After that, it creates a relevant SEO strategy which helps to inflate your strengths.

  • Web Development

Straight North contributes enough to develop your SEO by advising you on website changes. This SEO service includes improving the website speed, removing the broken links and more. It offers the most reliable suggestion as you can implement such changes with ease.

  • Google Penalty Recovery

If your business Google penalty, then don’t be worried if you choose Straight North among all the SEO services. As it isolates the apparent reasons behind the penalty, implement proper recovery steps, and then inform Google to prevent and undo all the ranking damage as fast as possible.

  • Link Building

Straight North provides a myriad of link building techniques like high-quality and most unique content and link-magnet content for high-authority publication and third-party.

2. Best Google-Certified SEO Service is a digital marketing sector that emerges as a Google-certified partner. It offers Google-friendly SEO products and relevant training for industries such as retail, e-commerce, technology and more. It is perfect for both off-site and on-site implementation. If you want to grow your business and your company needs a reliable Google-certified SEO training, then you can opt for this service undoubtedly.

Best For

Small businesses wanting a Google Certified partner for SEO management

Pricing offers custom packages for matching the needs of SEO for its clients.

  • Small companies have to pay only 3673 AED monthly. But it depends completely on the state of the competition and your website.
  • If 1000 or more employees are associated with your company, then you have to pay 18366 AED per month.

Key Features

  • offers a comprehensive toolkit for developing SEO performance, including competitive analysis, keyword research, content creation, link building, and even local, mobile and video SEO.
  • As it is a Google-certified partner, it can also provide expert training in SEO services across industries such as technology, retail, ecommerce and more.

Comprehensive Toolkit comes with a complete package of SEO toolkit to maximize online visibility. So, let’s check the toolkits offered by in depth:

  • Keyword Research first recognize the exact keywords that your customers mostly search and help you rank in target markets. Then, it develops an amend content that can help you to include keywords sitewide.

  • Competitive Analysis

It determines the weaknesses and strengths of the competitors, and then it designs a perfect strategy to increase your website’s online presence.

  • Link Building helps to find the most favourable circumstances to earn links from relevant industry sites and high-authority which will definitely increase your Google ranking and authority.

  • Content Creation

It uses its competitive analysis on the keywords to generate the content of your websites. This will help to develop an admirable user experience. However, this SEO service increases the ranks on Google and other available search engines over the internet.

  • Local SEO display the reliable and correct company information such as business name, industry category, contact information and more on your site and across business profile and directory listings. Thus, assists you to boost your brand visibility on Apple, Google and Bing Maps and make its unique from other available SEO services. After that, it develops your reviews and engagement, prevents negative feedback and more which are the main factors for the brand promoting and increasing the rank.

  • Mobile SEO

It helps the brands to establish an online  mobile-responsive brand experience and offers an excellent user experience for the mobile traffic and increase the rank on mobile devices.

  • Video SEO

Unlike other SEO services, first research on the competitors and help you to optimize and create video content and make a better ranking. It designs relevant and high-quality content and boosts your metadata for greatest visibility.

3. WebiMax: Best SEO Service for Free SEO Tools

WebiMax is a comparatively affordable SEO service with a myriad collection of free SEO tools. It carefully things about its clients’ budgets and offers numerous free online tools to reduce costs.

Best For

Small and growing businesses seeking low-priced SEO services and free SEO tools


It is one of the most affordable SEO services available in today’s market.

  • The price tag for small businesses starts at 1836 AED per month for one website.
  • If you are a marketing agency that would like to refer clients for SEO services, it then works with you to decide a referral percentage for the partnership.

Key Features

  • WebiMax provides basic SEO services toolkit like social engagement, link building, local SEO, Google penalty resolution, on-site optimization, ecommerce SEO services and link removal.
  • Apart from these, it also offers some top-notch free tools, which reduce the SEO service costs at a minimum.
  • The free tools include Competitive Analysis and  Web Analysis tools which help to gather information about the negative features of your brand and discusses the effective ways to mitigate them.

Comprehensive Toolkit

WebiMax comes with some basic but comprehensive SEO toolkits like local and ecommerce SEO, link building, link removal,  website design, Google penalty resolution services and more. You can be benefitted from the off-site SEO services provided by WebiMax. But the main disadvantage is that it doesn’t offer niche specializations and video SEO.

So, let’s discuss the complete package of SEO tools provided by WebiMax:

  • Social Engagement

WebiMax triggers on creating and managing the strategy of a social media engagement. Thus, it focuses to improve the brand ranking in Google and other search engines.

  • Link Building

WebiMax produces high-quality and reliable content to attract your customers and increase traffic. It also builds strong relationships with the high-authority publications.

  • Local SEO

WebiMax continuously updates your websites to reflect the site optimizations and keyword research and helps to earn local traffic. You can also get the advantage of creating an off-site business profile which helps you to earn a better ranking in SERPs also.

  • On-site Optimization

It designs an SEO-friendly website and is very much conducive to increase ranking and conversions.

  • Google Penalty Resolution

WebiMax is helpful for learning the main reasons behind Google penalties and resolving them in a jiffy, and then it ultimately works with Google on penalty removal.

  • Link Removal Services

WebiMax offers link removal services and link analysis to prevent Google penalties.

  • eCommerce SEO

WebiMax partners work with Magento to provide its client an SEO-friendly storefront. After that, it assimilates its expert strategies in landing page optimization and ecommerce SEO and competitive analysis to develop the conversion-primed shopping experiences.

4. Digital Marketing Agency: Best Service for Multilingual SEO

Digital Marketing Agency is one of the SEO services that basically triggers on international and multilingual SEO. It has an in-house team of SEO specialists and translators who are native speakers in their respective languages. This SEO service is basically favorable for brands in the food and beverage, manufacturing, retail, hospitality and travel and other industries.

Best For

Businesses that need multilingual SEO services


Clients can request and submit a custom quote for each SEO campaign. The price tag is decided depending on the goals and challenges of its clients.

Key Features

  • Digital Marketing Agency comes with top-notch and comprehensive toolkits of SEO services like competitive analysis, link building,  strategy plans and SEO audits,  continual optimization, off- and on-page SEO and even SEO-friendly website design.
  • It focuses on more than one industry specializations.
  • This service provider generally triggers on multilingual and international SEO strategies which your brand to trigger on various languages, cultures and dialects.

Comprehensive Toolkit

Digital Marketing Agency comes with a complete package of standard and ace toolkit for e-commerce, local and enterprise SEO. These toolkits include link building, off-page and on-page SEO, audit and strategies which helps for keyword research, targeting audiences and competitive analysis. It also provides video SEO.

Now, it’s time to discuss all the toolkits provided by this SEO service in depth:  

  • Link Building

By creating some campaigns, it makes its clients as authorities. In this way, this SEO service get success to attract the better-quality incoming links. It also establishes its clients as authorities in its industries by creating campaigns that attract high-quality incoming links and also discuss for a proper placing of an off-site link.

  • Competitive Analysis

It looks at keyword targeting and competitors’ SEO practices to compete with the competitors in a better way.

  • Audit and Strategy

It analyzes the standing of SEO, your goals and perform a complete research about your competitors to design a better and detailed SEO strategy.

  • On-page SEO

It updates the keyword optimization, above all, your entire website to reflect best practices of the SEO around content.

  • Ongoing Optimization

After implementing an SEO campaign, it continues to reevaluate results and strategies to find the best and user-friendly way for implementation and improvement.

  • Website Development

 This SEO service comes with complete website development for creating your company as SEO-friendly foundation and it will help to build a higher Google ranking.

  • Social Media

It gives services on social media optimization for various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many more and helps to improve the off-site and also its visibility and online presence.

  • Video SEO

With tagging, SEO strategies and keyword optimization can help your videos perform well before target markets.

  • Mobile SEO

This service updates your site very often to perform well on any mobile devices in terms of navigation, appearance, relevance and searchability.

5. Boostability: Best Cloud-based B2B SEO Service

Boostability is one of the best B2B online SEO services comes with analytics, tracking, LaunchPad and a workflow-management platform. It usually serves the service agencies which accomplish the marketing strategies for multiple clients.

Best For

Small B2B service companies seeking cloud-based SEO management software


Boostability uses a pricing tool to determine the exact time of accomplishing your SEO goals completely.  This service charges 1110 AED for an hour for all types of SEO services.

Key Features

  • Boostability comes with a complete package of comprehensive toolkits for your organization to manage and implement SEO campaigns.
  • It doesn’t give the priority on region-specific or niche-specific SEO. It generally works on agency B2B SEO.
  • Toolkits offered by Boostability are LaunchPad analytics, link building, workflow platform, SEO-friendly website development, business profile development, social media engagement management and custom content production.

Comprehensive Toolkit

Boostability offers a standard but comprehensive SEO toolkit, including keyword research and optimization, website optimization, link-building, SEO content creation, social media and local listing services, and more. It does not offer video SEO or international SEO. It integrates SEO strategies across all online activities and platforms for optimal visibility before target markets.

So, now, let’s take an in-depth look at SEO services and tools of Boostability:

  • Keyword Optimization

Boostability research more and more to understand the exact keywords which can help to increase the rank and guides you properly to compete against your competitors for ranking, and then implements the keywords into your website to grow your rankings in all search engines.

  • Website Optimization

Boostability streamlines your website and updates your website code to offer a better user experience in search engines like Google.

  • Business Profile Development

Brand visibility in search engines must extend beyond websites to business directories. Boostability creates brand presence on key business directories to help you become more visible and ensures that your company is accurately represented.

  • Link Portfolio Development

It reaches out to your industry’s publications and builds relationships that turn into inbound links, including industrial sites, news sites, high-authority industry blogs, and more.

  • Custom Content Creation

Boostability creates targeted content and SEO-friendly to build inbound links to your site and help you be most visible to target markets. It also creates high-quality guest posts for high-authority site publications that increase brand visibility and the quality inbound links.

  • Ongoing SEO consultation

Boostability helps the brands to maintain high search engine ranking by constantly updating your SEO strategy and implementation.

  • Social Media

Boostability ensures your social media profiles and engagement help your business become more visible in search engine rankings.

  • Local SEO

Whether you own a franchise, single location or national company, Boostability caters its SEO strategies to help local consumers find your stores. It does so via keyword optimization, business profile creation and maintenance, local map listings and more.

  • Mobile SEO

Boostability can design your website and content for mobile, offering ideal user experiences that can result in a higher ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines.

6. Fiverr: Best for Task-specific SEO Services

Fiverr is an online service-provider marketplace where businesses can hire individuals or agencies to complete one-off SEO projects. This service is more preferable for small businesses as it has the ability to authorize the service providers on a daily basis.

Best For

Small businesses that need to complete one-off SEO tasks


This is the best choice if your budget is low as it is the cheapest among all the SEO services.

  • It’s starting price is only 37 AED for a job.
  • You have to pay 1470 AED for availing the premium package.
  • Many providers offer tiered SEO packages.

Key Features

  • You can get a full comprehensive toolkit of premium SEO services depending on your preferable packages and providers.
  • It also offers individual provider services like unique content creation, PR services, social media management, website development or on-site content updates and basic SEO updates.

Comprehensive Toolkit

Fiverr offers a standard, premium and range basic SEO services. This SEO service comes with some general toolkits like on-page updates and keyword research. But the premium packages of Fiverr offers unique and relevant SEO content, PR services, Google penalty resolution, sitemap setup, duplicate content checks, local business listings and more.

Summing up

It is obvious that many business organizations want their website to rank at the top of the search result. But most of these companies invest in the wrong place leaving them regretting their decision. When your website ranks high on the search engine results pages, the rate of click also increases manifold. So, before investing in this service, you have to choose the most affordable and relevant SEO service as not everyone can provide expert SEO services. Staying in the lead often requires alterations, modifications and revamps. But which part needs your attention more may seem difficult to understand. Well, in this comprehensive article, we have helped you with the ins and outs of all the top 6 SEO services for 2019 as you can able to choose the best and most reliable service among all.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the best practices in SEO?
  2. Title tags.
  3. Meta descriptions
  4. Content with targeted keyword phrases
  5. Header tags and keyword phrases
  6. Internal page linking with anchor text
  7. Image ALT tags and file names
  8. Make content easy to read
  9. Meta keywords
  10. How can you do SEO for free?

There are various tools that will help you to do SEO for free. Such as:

  • Google Trends
  • Screaming Frog
  • GTmetrix
  • Rank Checker
  • Responsive Design Test
  • What SEO services actually do?

A trusted SEO service provider will help to improve your rankings in search results and increase visibility. Besides, it also helps to make changes to your website design and content which makes it more attractive.

zuber shaikh
zuber shaikh
IMZUBER was founded by Zuber S. a renowned SEO expert in Surat. He has spent 7+ years working with several firms as a team leader, an online marketing manager, and now he is a refined and unique SEO strategy developer with a demonstrated history in top-ranking across a diverse market.

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