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Pinterest Group Boards 2019-20

October 25, 2019
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Are you Find Pinterest Group Board list ? I have biggest pinterest board collection 2020 for all types of categories. see below pinterest group boards directory and join free. Use Online Best Marketing strategy in Pinterest Share Pin. Lots of Group/board related with your niche category. Much traffic & sales from Pinterest Biggest group board in share Your content/pin. Pinterest group/board is one kind of community online for connect to specific topic or categories. Free to join in board and share Your pins to 1000+ People.

  1. Pinterest group boards for etsy sellers
  2. Pinterest group board for bloggers
  3. Pinterest fashion group boards
  4. Pinterest group boards for jewellery sellers
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NoBoard NameFollowers
1Promote your Pins ✿●•٠·˙Jewelry894
2Etsy Sellers and Buyers!391
3Queen Fashion | MASTER STORE16970
4Women Fashion20393
5Fashion and lifestyle.9005
6Fashion , Life Style , DIY81898
7Jewelries make me happy!24545
9Nubian Lioness3025
11Fashion House885
12Feet jewellery340
13! ♀️ Women’s Latest Collection ♀️ !34405
14! ADVERTISING !34548
15Fashion Outfits Women | Group Board6965
16Ladies Night21207
17Gift ideas **11527
18Women Fashion2358
19Mom Fashion32445
20***You Didn’t Pin That!***22336
21Daily Deals3194
22Fashion Accessories7152
23Jump Into My Closet4181
24Fashionable Frenzy17075
25Fashion-Me Fashion-We3308
26Fashion Creativity2960
27!!* Best Pinterest Shop ✔34845
28Natural Black Diamonds.1229
29Shop Online – Support Small Business9906
30Jewelry ~ Rings17832
33✽ Daily Pinterest Sales :9531
35!Fashion Blogs607
36{ Etsy Finds – Gift Ideas }858
37The digital technology.7339
38Share All Your Pins | Group Board230
39Gothic Fashion♔7200
41Fashion Trends Group Board3884
42Etsy Sellers Promote & Help8080
43★Etsy Group Board•2102
44! J E W E L R Y – L O V E R S !—–34578
45♥ Etsy Jewelry4932
46Etsy – Gift ideas3062
47Amazing Jewelry2642
48Jewellery Board3489
49Affordable Style // Outfit Inspo + Best Finds3472
50Handmade Etsy Finds3207
51Forever Dolledup || Everything Fashion Group Board5013
52Prime Day / Black Friday / Cyber Monday1932
53Best finds on Etsy3152
54– All Jewelry –3825
55Etsy Sellers Promote7690
56Gift Ideas Collaboration1298
57Group Board: Bloggers Board1890
58Women’s Outfit11848
60Etsy group board108
61Chainmaille – tablica grupowa / Group Board462
62Group Womens Fashion ( NO LIMIT)1466
63c l o t h i n g / s t y l e61
64Fashion Outfits For Women In 30s | Nashvillewifestyles.com4231
65Ecom & Etsy Sellers Group Board760
66Nautical Gifts731
67Health | Healthy Lifestyle1220
68Women Fashion Group2740
692019 Fashion Passion7684
70⚠️ Grunge Aesthetic | Group Board653
71Women Accessories3648
72Fashion Creativity ( Group Board ) Fashion Designers | Fashion Photography | Design | Art Work | Artistic Fashion | Creative2925
73Your Are A Phoenix So Rise Up & Burn Baby (Group Board) – Literature On Phoenix || Phoenix Jewlery || Phoenix Art Work || Books On Phoenix || Phoenix Pendants || Phoenix Tattoos2871
74Mini Skirts Outfit For Women801
75Crafts, Decorating and DIY Ideas816
76Visit the United States6983
77Bo*Ho*LD The Goddess (Group Board)-Bohemian Style Apperal | Boho | Boho Jewelry | Bohemain Streetstyle | Gypsy Style |3089
78Heel*la*cious (Group Board) All Veriety Of Ladies Fashion High Heels & Designer Heels2960
79The art of beauty.6237
80Entrepreneur-ess (Group Board) How2=>Become A Successfull Business Owner | Businessman | Business Woman | In Business | Be Your Own Boss | Work From Home | Make Money In Your Sleep3305
81Sufi whiriling dervish rumi jewelry998
82Life + Beauty + Fashion Bloggers Group Board566
83Happy Pinning4579
84Blogger Travel Guides6162
86Anthropologie Group Board | Decor | Fashion | Jewelry | Makeup & Skincare | Journals & Planners2653
87Women’s Fashion3691
89The digital technology.5665
91Auto, Moto.5989
92☑ PIN DONE! {Ask to be added!}849
93! ART Cake !8400
94Boho wedding2126
95CORAL Corallo Corail Korali-коралловый-サンゴ-κοράλλι-珊瑚-jewelry-joyas-bijoux-gioielli-ジュエリー-首饰16493
96Marmelada market1939
97Weddings color schemes1908
99*Etsy & Creative Pro | Group Board *2604
101Wedding Hair | Group Board2543
102OUR PETS (group board)50536
103wedding ideas2331

1.Mothers Day Gifts

On this board, you can share female/mother’s gift ideas, product links pin, handmade and vintage gifts. Over 776 followers on this boards. Board Owner is Sassysachajewelry  

2.Make-up And beauty tips

Share make-up and beauty tips and products. This board has 278 followers and 80+ pins.This board is owned by

3.Lifestyle Lady Bloggers

Allows lifestyle lady bloggers to share lifestyle tips and products. 3950 followers and 25000+ pins. Owner of this board Ivy | Lifestyle Blogger Ivy | Lifestyle Blogger with 252k Monthly viewers.

4.Jewellery/ Jewelry

This board allows only jewellery products. You can share women and men jewelry tips and product on this group board. 569 Followers and 6066 pin. Owner of this board is
ArtByAnkitaRaut ArtByAnkitaRaut with 11.4k monthly viewers.

5.Handmade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to buy

You can join this board to share mother’s day gift ideas and products. This board also have a sub category for jewelry, flowers, kitchen decor and more. This board is owned by
leoniesdollfashions   with 331 followers and 641 pins. It welcomes 19.2k viewers monthly.


Join to share the latest fashion design, ideas, collection and products. 2,436 Pins and 2,136 followers. Owner of this board is
GMBU, LLC and it has over 395.9k monthly viewers.

7.Etsy finds Group Board

Join this board to share Etsy products, links and pins. This board has the highest pin in the jewelry and women accessories category. 5,269 Pins, 774 followers and 173.5k monthly viewers. Founder of this board:


What is shared in this group include men and women jewellery ideas and products. Share new jewellery design, ring and unique style. 13,130 Pins and 3,219 followers.
Keyomi-Sook is founder of this board.

9.All Fashion

You will find all the latest women’s fashion trends, luxury fashion, outfit ideas for summer, winter, spring, and fall, makeup and makeup tips, tattoos and piercing selection. 23,083 Pins and 4,752 followers. Email owner to join this board group Owner of this board is


This group only allow jewellery items and ideas. You are not allowed to share other things otherwise you will be removed by the admin from the group.

Best and most beneficial group for jewellers. 67,041 Pins, 4,106 followers and 180.5k monthly viewers.
Founder of this group –
Tangled World.


Content allow in this board includes painting, gift, drawing, decor, photography, room decor, DIY projects, FengShui decoration, fabric, upcycled, kids, DIY crafts, knitting and crochet, woodworking, handmade, art, exclusive, vintage items.

This board has a record of 97.6k monthly viewers with 439,124 Pins and 16,546 followers.

12. ! JEWELRY !

Share all kind of jewelry like diamond, gold, silver, gems, carbone, peal etc. 45,085 Pins and 6,239 followers.
Owner of this group: INTERNATIONAL CRAFTSMAN COMMUNITY  – 97.4k monthly viewers

13.Beach Wedding l Group Board

Share products and ideas related to beach wedding only. This group has a total of 803 Pins with 2,490 followers.
This group is divided into 3 sections; Favors | Invitations | Plumeria Wedding. Owner of this group is

14.Fashion, beauty, health and fitness

In this board, you are to share fitness, health, beauty, fashion posts. Owner of this board isChilling with Lucas. Email address
This board has a total of 5,123 Pins and 4,210 followers.

15.Group Board: Bloggers Board

This board is specifically for Bloggers. You can share your blogs here. This board has a total of 11,536 Pins and 1840 followers. Owner of this board is
Her Weekend Travels..

16.Design Gifts

Join to share your best gift ideas and other product collections. You will find 22,268 Pins and 13,133 followers in this group. Owner of this board Floraaplus-design

17.Online shopping

This board is created for the advertising of online stores so that you can share your best collections. This board have a total of 50,251 Pins and 13,852 followers. The owner of this board is

18.Artist & Friends lovely works !

Here you can share your unique collections of Artwork. 4034 Pins and 12.5k+ followers. Owner of this board Floraaplus-design.

19.Your advertizing channel.

Here you can talk about your business, products and offers. This board have more than 5k pins and 12,806 followers, Owner of this board

20.women clothes

This board is related to women’s clothes and allows only western wear collection. Don’t share unnecessary things to avoid being removed. This board has a total of 2,117 Pins and 2,393 followers.
Owner of this board is Tina chen.

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