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7 Easy Ways to Make Google Index Your Backlinks Faster

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Google indexing is a very effective and efficient method to search engine optimization.

So, with no surprise that it is a great way to keep track of all of your backlinks. 

Whether you are working on some write-ups or want to save some articles to read for later, Google indexing is your library to go to. 

What’s even better about the Google index is that suppose a site that you have indexed has been updated, Google detects that and updates it on the index.

There are over 35 trillion web pages that Google has indexed as of now, and best believe that there are more to come. So worrying about any sort of corruption is only a useless dilemma. 

With that being said, here are 7 easy ways to make Google index your backlinks faster; 

     1.  Check the backlinking status:  

  •  Indexing is one of the great ways to keep track of links and definitely provides some help with your SEO strategy. So, it would be a shame if your links were not being saved at all. To verify, simply copy the link you want to verify and paste it into the Google search box. If the URL does not appear in the search results, then the linking page is not indexed yet. 

google index check

  • Another way of checking backlink indexing is to add a Google search operator at the beginning of the URL in question. The formula for that is; Example: site:


  • Another method is using the Google search console to check if a page has been indexed. But, in order for the GSC to work for you, you have to add it to your site. Once done, you will be given data on the indexed backlinks or web pages.

2.  Reasons for Google not indexing your backlinks: 

Another problem that many might face is that Google might not even index its backlinks. Here are some reasons and solutions; 

  • It might be a funny reason but, Google might think that your backlinks are not worthy of indexing and crawling. It should not come as a surprise, though; Google would never index spammy links built on a spammy platform that Google has raised a red flag on. The only solution to this is to build high-quality backlinks. 


  • Thin and plagiarised content on the page: Another obvious reason is if the content on your site is plagiarized. Google hates that and will do anything to not work for such content. The best solution is to make plagiarism-free content that is 100% unique


  • Creating backlinks with a “no-index” tag: It is impossible for you to index a site that has a no-index tag. The only way you can get around it is by requesting the webmaster to remove the tag. 

 3.  Patience: 

A more generic problem with backlink indexing is being too hyper. Just have some patience and let your bots do their job. Google will always index links that are quality and worthy; it might just take time.

Sometimes, it takes longer than usual but, do not worry, let google do it for you in its natural state. 

4.  Submit links to GSC: 

We talked about using the Google search console earlier and how you may need to link your site to it. Well, to elaborate on that, this is actually a quick way to backlink the sites you want.

There are just three easy steps involved in activating it; 

  •         Visit the Google Webmaster Tool 
  •         Enter the URL 
  •         Either answer the question or solve the captcha, then click “submit request.” 


5.  Ping URLs via the backlink indexer tool: 

Another tool that comes in handy if the GSC doesn’t work. There are some free and premium tools you can use, such as; Google backlink indexer to ping your URL.  Top 25 Ping Submission sites here [Submit now]

Pinging is just another way of letting Google know that you have new blog content or there is some sort of an update on your website.

Once you do that, Google will automatically send either a bot or a spider to crawl the site and update the latest information naturally. 

6.  Share the necessary backlinks on social media: 

Sharing your links via social media is an excellent way to boost your indexing possibilities. One easy way is to create a buzz around the site by attracting more people toward it. Just like anyone on social media, people would want to know what the buzz is about and flock around the site to have in on the trend.

This is sure to boost the quality of the site itself. This will not only get you better index ratings but will also increase brand credibility and trust. 

7.  Build relevant links on authority websites:

When you build your links around relevant high DA websites, Google will automatically trust the site and index it. What you should vary is how you are going to create inbound links. 

The best method is to guest post on good DA blogs that link back to your blog. To optimally do this,   make sure you strategically position your backlinks on the blog and not randomly. 


And those were 7 easy methods of indexing backlinks on Google. As effective as indexing may seem, make sure the quality of the links does not go below the expected standards set by Google. It is always a challenge maintaining high-quality sites, but that is what it takes to continue indexing.

Author Bio: Sophia Scott is a content creator at She’s a passionate young woman, mother to an amazing nine-year-old, and an avid reader. Over the years, writing has helped her explore and understand the world as well as her own self. She loves to travel, meet new people, and spend quality time with her daughter. You can find her on LinkedIn

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Zuber Shaikh
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