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December 11, 2019
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Yes, Gemone Diamond - Loose Diamond & Fine Jeweler store Surat, India.

The company, located in Surat, is the best price diamond jewelry manufacturer and retailer with 2500+ Products Online in different categories.

it benefits greatly from the Indian and US markets but ships worldwide. Gemone Diamonds is driven by the mission 'Delivering luxury worldwide.

I started working on their ongoing project in Feb, 2020. upon engagement, I joined their team of 5 members, comprising of 3 Freelancer jointly working together.

Gemone's Mission for Digital marketing is become the No.1 Diamond jewelry retailer in India and get 15cr Turnover come 31-12-2021.



Type Diamond Jewelry
Location Target World
People Target 25 Age Above(Men & Women)
Client Industry Ecommerce
Business Type B2B, B2C
Services Provided Digital Marketing
Marketing Duration July 2019 to Running


  1. To Increase Sales by 30% from Website & Social Media
  2. Rank on Google Search through High Competition keywords
  3. Increase Brand value from Social Media channels.
  4. Decrease bounce rate
  5. Build up quality Backlinks & Traffic
  6. Build user experience


  1. Find & Remove Toxic Backlinks
  2. Remove duplicate & Old design products
  3. Remove plagiarism from content and increase its quality.
  4. Setup content Marketing strategy.
  5. Fix SEO problems one by one & Increase SEO ranking from Highly competitive keywords.
  6. Boost Video Marketing with 8 different strategies
  7. Influencer Marketing with USA Blogger
  8. Affiliate setup for commission based sales
  9. Email & WhatsApp Marketing for Direct Sales


gemone diamonds ahrefs report
gemone semrush
  1. I have taken its traffic from monthly 100 organic visits to 7.01M impressions & 38.9k clicks (visitor).
  2. Organic revenue climbed 458 percent in just 24 months with us, compared to last month.
  3. The site's traffic increased by 145 percent this month compared to the previous month.
  4. The number of new users increased by 105 percent.
  5. In addition, overall revenue has climbed by 35% since last month.

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