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April 3, 2019
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Here is a list of high DA RSS feed submission sites to promote your blog with.

These sites will increase traffic to your website, improve search engine ranking and authority of your site.

RSS feeds submission is best for SEO as it help push your content in front of potential visitors, which keep your content fresh and still relevant.

Whenever you submit your blog’s RSS feed to RSS feed submission sites, subscribers to those sites will receive a notification about the publication of your new posts and will visit your blog to come and read more.

In return, the traffic to your item will increase.

Submit your blog’s RSS feed no to the following sites below…

Rss Feed Submission Sites

Last Update: 10-10-2019



Domain Authority: 88| Page Authority: 74| Spam Score: 11%



Domain Authority: 74| Page Authority: 44| Spam Score: 22%


Domain Authority: 69| Page Authority: 64| Spam Score: 7%



Domain Authority: 42| Page Authority: 64| Spam Score: 4%



Domain Authority: 38| Page Authority: 57| Spam Score: Nill



Domain Authority: 32| Page Authority: 54| Spam Score: 10%



Domain Authority: 26| Page Authority: 47| Spam Score: 2%



Domain Authority: 35| Page Authority: 54| Spam Score: 28%


Domain Authority: 18| Page Authority: 46| Spam Score: 16%



Domain Authority: 26| Page Authority: 46| Spam Score: 8%



Domain Authority: 33| Page Authority: 48| Spam Score: 28%



Domain Authority: 17| Page Authority: 51| Spam Score: 11%


RSS feed submission is the process of putting RSS feed submissions into blogs and other websites. Blog RSS submissions are usually done using a simple HTML template. In some cases, bloggers can add their own code and make the RSS feed automatically visible to readers. Other bloggers, however, prefer to leave the RSS feed submission up to the system itself, which means they have to create a custom-made template for submission and enter their own code into the feed. Many blogs now use WordPress has an automatic RSS submission feature.

The basic mechanism of RSS feed submission is pretty simple. Blogs can send their readers RSS feed submissions with links embedded in the text of their blogs. Readers will then be able to subscribe to the RSS feeds of their preferred blogs. RSS feeds can also be submitted to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. This ensures that the content of the blogs being posted are constantly updated and that the information they have is also available to other blogs and webmasters.

zuber shaikh
zuber shaikh
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