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February 10, 2022
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Numined Diamonds Store

  • TaskWebsite Design & Development



Type Diamond Jewelry
Location Target UAE
Client Industry Ecommerce
Services Provided Website Design & Development


Our UAE-based client approached us to develop a unique diamond jewelry store. The client sells eco-friendly and conflict-free diamonds. Thus, wanted to showcase its lab-grown diamond jewelry collection digitally. The aim was to craft a dynamic e-commerce website using Codeigniter and PHP for its diamond jewelry e-store. Rated as the highest of all Jewelers in UAE, the client wanted a full-fledged shopping cart website to show their diamond jewelry collection. The e-commerce website would provide complete control of their diamond e-business besides building loyalty and attracting new customers. Furthermore, the e-store required jewelry image retouching services in the project. Overall, the motto was to promote lab-grown diamonds online.


We designed the layout of the jewelry website and implemented all the features required by the client. Our PHP developers built a retailer web application using Codeigniter as it permits hassle-free website development. Also, it provides numerous options that support quick and efficient improvement. In addition, the client took our jewelry image retouching services. We organized the items into categories and sub-categories generated dynamically to form a hierarchical menu. We also included a search utility that allows customers to search for specific products on the diamond jewelry e-store site. As the client demanded a web application with advanced options – Codeigniter was the best choice as it is one of the efficient PHP frameworks which support many complicated functionalities. Moreover, we incorporated a WooCommerce platform that renders smooth e-commerce functions.

Client Testimonial

I had an amazing experience working with IMZUBER an excellent team of developers. I’m pleased with their service and commitment. The CRM application they developed, far exceeded my expectations. Project was built from scratch and during the project the team worked diligently and provided instant solutions to any problems. They proved that working with them, was a right decision.
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