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Why Is SEO Marketing the First Choice for Startup Marketing?

startup marketing

Startups know why they should concentrate more on marketing, compared to their counterparts.

They have to build a brand name from nothing. And to grow, they must reach out to prospective customers.

Startups also need highly efficient resources. Even if they want to hire fresh talent, startups will have to attract innovative people through SEO marketing attempts.

Online marketing is of various types.

  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Social media marketing are the most preferred.

Most businesses try to use all the online marketing avenues to their advantage. But, the startups heavily rely upon SEO marketing.

So, here are the reasons why SEO marketing is the first choice for online marketing for startups.

1. Better ROI

For the startups, the cost is a prominent parameter in decision making.

Marketing is a costly function as you have to experiment a lot and you are unsure of the returns. But, it is imperative for every startup to market their brand online, if they want to grow.

It is a common belief that search engine optimization marketing is free.

Though I don’t agree that it is completely free, I admit that it is less costly compared to the other online marketing tactics.  

Various SEO tactics can help increase your brand visibility. But, startups must approach search engine optimization more as a practice than a tactic.

So, if you use SEO as a habit in all your online activities, you don’t have to spend a single extra penny!

Consider producing a great piece of content with the right keywords, high-quality links, and perfectly optimized images.

Did you have to spend on just using the right words? The answer is, no!

The story doesn’t end here. Increasing the website traffic tops the priority task list for every startup!

It is the best way of reaching out to the target audience organically, and without any risky tactics that can go wrong.

Search marketing helps increase your website traffic.

A search engine starts recognizing you, isn’t that the most significant ROI a business wants from online marketing?

2. Brand Visibility  

Every startup craves to build visibility online.

This is because the customers and target audience is online.

Search engine optimization is the sure shot way of increasing online presence and visibility to the right people through the right keywords.

Moreover, startups need networking. And, with high visibility online, you have a higher possibility of approaching the targeted networks.

Building relations with suppliers of talent, finances, and the raw material is going online.

And, the most crucial aspect is that the networks that you build attract more and more people towards your brand.

3. Fast

Many SEO professionals believe that search engine optimization is a slow process which doesn’t give immediate results.

Their primary contention is that search rankings are achieved with time.

But, all the other forms of marketing are vulnerable to search engine algorithm updates.

Moreover, excessive use of email marketing can put you at risk of an increased spam score. And, that’s very costly for your startup domain!

Instead, search engine optimization marketing is fast as Google bots are fast and regular.

So, by just including natural SEO practices in everything you post online, you can increase your chances of ranking in the search engines manifold.

And, the best part is that there is no special effort required.

4. Base of Online Marketing

While search engine optimization marketing is considered one of the forms of online marketing, it is an integral part of the other types as well. And, the reason is simple.

You cannot do any other online marketing effectively without optimizing it for search engine. And, if you do, the whole activity fails.

For example, if you are posting about your brand on Twitter and are not using a single keyword or hashtag related to your brand, product, or service, the Tweet is a waste.

Even if the Tweet goes viral, no one comes to know about you.

The whole purpose of online marketing fails for you if it could not create visibility for your brand among your targeted audience online.

This is not just true for social media marketing; it applies to all. PPC is also useless if not optimized for the right keywords.

Whether it is Google ads or Facebook ads, all are displayed to the user based on their search profiles.

And, if their search keywords are not a part of your ad, your ad will be shown to the wrong audience or not visible at all.

When your ad doesn’t reach the target audience, all the spending on PPC marketing fails to bring results.

Ultimately, without search engine optimization, your brand won’t show up in search engine results.

And, when you are not visible in search engine rankings, the credibility of your brand also becomes questionable.

Thinks again, is credibility not what you want to achieve for your brand through online marketing?

SEO Marketing – Conclusion

Established brands have both, budget and experience. They already have a brand identity too.

So, it is enough for them to continue with the various online marketing options.

But, for the startups, budget, resources, and time, are always limited.

They have to use every bit of whatever is available to them wisely. And, they must ensure an ROI from every marketing initiative, if they don’t want to fail.

Search engine optimization is crucial to the online marketing endeavors of startups.

It is not just the first choice for startup marketing, but also something that they can’t avoid.

So, start your search engine optimization marketing now.

If you are not sure how to approach your startup online marketing campaign, contact us!    

As startups, you would be having your own experiences of online marketing too. Why don’t you share those with us!

Author Bio

Jin Markov is a Content Writer with, a research firm in the USA. He has an experience of 6 years and has been writing on SEO.

zuber shaikh
zuber shaikh
IMZUBER was founded by Zuber S. a renowned SEO expert in Surat. He has spent 7+ years working with several firms as a team leader, an online marketing manager, and now he is a refined and unique SEO strategy developer with a demonstrated history in top-ranking across a diverse market.

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