5 Drastic Mistakes Affecting Your SEO Strategy

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5 Drastic Mistakes Affecting Your SEO Strategy


SEO is a process that enhances your website’s authority and a crucial part to magnify your rank in high competition. It is a cost-efficient method with high ROI (Return on Investment).

SEO has numerous merits, but some mistakes can spoil all your SEO tactics to grow your business. These mistakes can drag your business to the end.

Let’s discuss these mistakes that can ruin your SEO strategy.





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People these days are more on mobiles than any other devices. So, it’s a wise decision to approach your potential customers where they are more active. You can use multiple mediums like social media, mobile-friendly websites, video marketing, etc. to reach customers. These mediums can boost your SEO and revenues effectively.

However, avoiding mobile users can kick out you from the race, and you are going to lose many customers & visibility.

Even Google introduced a Mobile-First Indexing algorithm, which gives priority to mobile responsive websites. Google considers mobile friendliness as a rank factor and ignoring this can affect your rank severely. Responsive designs are used to make your website transform according to screen size and serve seamlessly.

You must make sure that your website is responsive to all screen sizes to serve your customers better.

So, a mobile-friendly website can give you both customers and visibility but ignoring the mobile audience can take you to the adverse circumstances. Hence design your website considering every smart device.






Keywords are a vital part of the SEO strategy. A rich keyword can uplift your rankings to apex, but an irrelevant keyword can drag you in the search results. You can’t rank high for an unrelated or less relevant keyword. You should do proper keyword research for your niche to get the best keywords to rank higher.

You can take the help of online keywords research tools for exploring the diversity of keywords and choosing the best one for you.

One more thing you must avoid is keyword stuffing. Always pick legit ways and make keyword-rich content that can provide valuable knowledge to the users. If you aren’t able to execute in-depth keyword research for your business, its recommended to hire a Digital Marketing company and let them do the rest for you.






Content is the soul of SEO. All your efforts are fruitless if you don’t have quality content. Google works for enhancing the user experience, and poor content ruins the user experience. If you are not able to serve quality, you won’t be visible to the users. You should create quality content, completely satisfying the user’s intent.

Some unethical tactics are used to mislead search engines like cloaking, hidden links, sneaky redirects, etc. These are black hat techniques that are strictly prohibited, which can lead to website de-indexing. You shouldn’t use these nefarious methods to misguide search engine.






Meta tag is the factor that can amplify your CTR steeply. Meta tags include meta descriptions, Alt text, meta robots, etc. Well-optimized meta tags can drive massive traffic to your website but avoiding these tags can affect your traffic and ranking. Optimizing these tags can increase your CTR.

These are the ad copy of your website promoting customers to visit your website. So, you should first make sure your representation in the search result is enticing enough to attract customers.

Moving on, Alt-text is the image description served to crawlers and users when the image doesn’t load properly. It can improve your image’s ranking in image search. These are some of all meta tags which you mustn’t avoid.




search engine user


Google’s only motive is to give the best SERP experience to the users. Sometimes webmasters try to use deceptive techniques technically termed as black hat techniques. Such techniques are used to manipulate search engine ranking without serving quality content and services to the users.

To tackle such spammy tactics, Google has evolved and introduced advanced algorithms like Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, etc. to restrict unethical methods accordingly.

So, don’t use these techniques because, in the end, you are going to suffer and regret. Serve better to your customers, and Google will give whatever you deserve. Serve users, not search engines.


SEO can help you nurture your business, but the above mistakes can make your SEO tactic counterproductive. You should always avoid these mistakes and illegitimate techniques to earn your business goals.

Author Bio: Gajendra Singh Rathore is Content & Marketing Specialist at Egnoto Pvt Ltd. He writes amazing and valuable content about digital marketing & SEO.

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zuber shaikh
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