SEO Types : Good SEO & Bad SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is a process that changes the position of a website on a search engine. Usually, when we start searching for a specific topic in a search engine, we get numerous results on the same topic with related links displayed for the information required. Here, we get the best SEO optimized website links on top.   The more clicks your website get; it gets more popularity with a high ranking. To get more clarity about search engine optimization, let us discuss regarding SEO types :
  1. White Hat SEO (Good SEO): [The Do`s]
  2. Black Hat SEO (Bad SEO): [The Don`t]
White Hat SEO: White hat SEO includes the use of tactics and techniques which follows the guidelines provided by Google for SEO of a website. Various techniques that are being used in White hat SEO are:
  1. To create good quality content: content is the king in SEO and thus it has to be of great quality engines to get best results.
  2. Website Optimization: the user-friendly website is very important.
  3. Guest Blogging: this technique involves the writing of a blog by a guest blogger.
  4. Link Baiting: link baiting includes a creation of informative and quality content that motivates the visitor to link your webpage from another website.
Black Hat SEO: the SEO techniques which are against the guidelines of Google is known as Black Hat SEO. It includes:
  1. Hidden Text: the text content that can only be viewed by search engines or you can also say it as spam content reported by other sites.
  2. Keyword Stuffing: It is another black hat SEO technique where targeted keywords are repeated many times in web content.
  3. Paid Links: It includes the purchase of links from another site to increase the popularity of link and ranking of a website in search engines.
Out of these two SEO types, White Hat SEO has been highly recommended.

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