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Top 25 App Development Companies In India

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Mobile App Development Companies are on a great hike in today’s era. As person to person is using an app daily the demands of apps are even increasing more and more.

There are 156,786 apps are present on Google Play from an Indian app publisher.

App Development companies are having an immensely high growth rate.

Let’s see the top 25 foremost app development companies:

GeekyAnts:  A strong community of highly skilled App developers and designers based in Bengalaru, GeekyAnts claims to be an innovator and creator that transforms lives and the way people interact in a business. Well received by developers across the globe. Their Native Base, a cross-platform UI components library for React Native, has recently crossed over 13000+ stars on Github and accounts for around 10% of all React Native downloads. Creating some of the best innovative apps, this developer-run company hosts community meet-up groups, attends conferences across the globe, and always strives to stay on top of its game to share knowledge with its developer community.

Dunes Factory: Having highly professional IT skills, Dunes Factory always comes up with highly exceptional strategies to leverage and grow any business digitally. Providing a smooth experience for its clients, this app development company always understands its customers’ needs and is the best at it. Their professionalism in the App developing field distinguishes them from other service providers. It’s a strong community of highly skilled and smart tech enthusiastic people which makes the experience for its clients all the easier and fun to work with. Dunes Factory is a one-stop for all IT Services.

Gencosys Technologies: Based in Lucknow, this company is estimated to have employed approximately 249 highly skilled, intelligent, and trained tech enthusiasts. Helping their customers in every segment of their projects, Gencosys is cost-friendly, easy, and genuine. The high level of technical proficiency of these developers handles complex tasks smoothly and smartly. It’s one of the most valuable IT services providing company that helps its customers to grow their business instantly.

Abservetech: This App Development Company in India provides development services that help you increase your RIO margin and provides total customer satisfaction. Claiming oneself to be the best software development company had a dedicated team that functions with an affordable rate structure.

Cygnet Infotech: Brings your customers closer to your business. It’s user-friendly that leverages the visibility of your business with the help of its team of highly skilled tech enthusiasts that make Cygnet Infotech a one-stop for the best IT service.

Ignitive IT Solutions: As a Corporate Web & Software Development service provider, it provides a more personalized for its users. Ignitive creates value for every user associated with it and improves lives by increasing profits for your business. It modernizes your business efforts by creating a web presence that attracts your target market by implementing progressive ideas, provides support in multiple areas by utilizing its advanced infrastructure, and recreating your business for exponential growth.

iPrism Technologies: Based in Hyderabad and estimated to have an employee count of approximately 250 employees, iPrism delivers great design and functioning. The most impressive aspect of their service is that they provide a fabulous experience. Their involvement in App development makes it possible for its customers to create an app of their imagination.

Cmarix: It’s an Ahmedabad-based company. Cmarix is known for its E3 which are Experience, Execution, and Excellence. To date, Cmarix has made more than 290+ mobile applications and currently, the company is working with clients in around 46+ countries in the world. It’s been said that the companies tend to revolutionize your business with their finest work to give you good engagements and conversion rates in your business.

Evon Technology: Evon Technology provides software consulting and app development services which are they highly known for. The company is in Dehradun, in the Himalayas. They say their clients like them because they have an office in tier 2 cities. It has 250+ teams. Evon is said to be specially known for its multiskilled in technology and its tremendous working style.

TechuzInfoweb:  TechuzInfoweb has headquarters in Ahmedabad it even has other two offices in the USA and Singapore. It has 60+ highly talented employees. They have given 100+ projects to around 40+ clients in the world. It is known as one of the leading app development companies with productive and visionary employees. Techuz is even said to be a successful and modest company.

Tvisha Technology: It is Santacruz, Mumbai based company founded in 2003. To date, Tvisha developments have made 250+ mobile applications in Android, Native, Hybrid, and IOS. It’s known for its best delivery across the industry. It has a presence not only in India but also in the USA and Singapore.

Hyperlink Infosystem: Hyperlink Infosystem is based in Ahmedabad. It was founded in 2011 by HarnilOza. The company is known to be given profitable growth to its clients. It does have sales offices in the USA and UAE. In this many years company has worked with 2300+ universal clients and 3300+ apps are been developed by the company this date. Hyperlink Infosystem is a family of 250+ members with tremendously talented people.


Fueled: The fueled company has even won several awards for its development. It was found in 2007. They have worked with several clients. Some of them are MGM Resorts International, 9Gag, Harvard, etc.

TCS: TCS (TATA Consultancy Services) is one of the most reputed IT companies in India. It provides beneficial and profitable services like App development, IoT, Cloud Solutions, etc. It has headquarters in Mumbai. It operates 129 locations across 46 countries.

Infosys: Infosys is the second-largest company in India after TCS. It was founded in 1981 and its headquarter is in Bengaluru. It provides services like app development IT services, Business consultancy, etc.

Zenser:  Zenser is one of the major leading IT companies in India. It was founded in 1991 in Pune. The company provides services like Digital IT service, AI and Automation, etc. Zenser is been awarded in 2018 for “Creating an Impact-IT Skills” in India Perspective 2018.

Konstant Infosolutions: Konstant Infosolutions comes under the top 10 Android and iPhone development companies in India. It is Jaipur based company and was founded in 2003. It provides services like Mobile and App development, IoT App Development and wearable apps, etc. It has around 200+ employees.

Fusion Infomatics: It is based in Andheri, Mumbai. Is one of the best app development company. It was founded in 2000 has 20 years of experience in the IT world and has developed 1000+ experiences in Mobile App Development. Fusion is a well-grounded and trusted company for effective best solutions. They are expertise in Mobile App Development, Android App Development, etc.

Smarther: Smarther is Chennai based IT company. Smarther is proficient in mobile apps development. It was founded in 2011. Smarther has nice skills and talented employees. It has completed more than 200+ projects. Developed apps for eCommerce, health care, finance, etc.

Sourcebits: Sourcebits development services for app development, smartphones, tablet, and the web. It was founded in 2006 and is located in Bengaluru. Sourcebits has developed more than 1000+ successful apps for mobile applications. Sourcebits also function from San Francisco and the USA.

Appentive: It is based in India and the USA too. Appentive was founded in 2011 and started in 2014 in India. Appentive is known for its end-to-end mobile solution service. It has good designing skills and app prototyping with which brands will be developed better from excellent to outstanding.

Qburst: Qburst is one of well known mobile app development provider companies. It has developed many fruitful mobile applications. Qburst is a big family consist of around 1200+ employees who have talented, skilled developers, designers, project managers, etc. Qburst does have branches in the USA, UAE, Singapore, UK, Japan, Australia, and India.

The company has also clients like Burberry, Airtel, and Acis.

Techugo: It’s based in Noida, India. Being one of the successful app development companies. Techugo is known for developing user-friendly apps. It has developed 450+ successful apps.

It has different operating locations in Canada, the USA, Dubai, and India.

7EDGE: 7EDGE is a Bangalore-based company. It’s is best known for its customizable apps. Even 7EDGE provides more personalized special services to their valuable customer. The company has worked with more than 500+ clients to date. It helped business like startups, middle business, and large business through it services.

RippenApp: It was founded in 2015. Within few years it running under leading companies of app development services. The company is bound with new latest technologies to provide better results to their customers. It has 150+ employees.

To date, Rippenapp has worked with 500+ clients.

It has different operating placements: USA, Australia, Canada, UAE, UK, and India.


About the author:

Moazzam is a digital enthusiast writer having 10+ experience in the digital industry. His publications are live on Hackernoon,, Your story, and more. Currently heading digital marketing at TechIngenious a mobile app development company in Jaipur, website development, software development, and digital marketing services backed with skilled app developers and marketers.


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