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March 5, 2019
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March 28, 2019
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Free Video Submission Sites


As you already know, video marketing is one powerful way of marketing your business on the internet.

Also, when it comes to SEO, video content is one best way to increase traffic to your site when submitted to top video submission sites with high PA and DA.

You can increase the Rankin of your website by submitting your videos to high PR video submission sites.

It is a good method used in building authority backlinks to your site and also in promoting your business.

Boost your website traffic by submitting your video to the following updated video submission sites list below…


Video Sharing Sites List

Last Update 17-10-2019

1. Flickr.com


Domain Authority: 92| Page Authority: 95| Spam Score: 4%

2. Rumble.com


Domain Authority: 80| Page Authority: 57| Spam Score: 1%

3. Disclose.tv


Domain Authority: 80| Page Authority: 60| Spam Score: Nill

4. Funnyjunk.com


Domain Authority: 75| Page Authority: 60| Spam Score: Nill

5. Hash.com


Domain Authority: 49| Page Authority: 41| Spam Score: Nill

6. Engagemedia.org


Domain Authority: 42| Page Authority: 53| Spam Score: 2%

7. Clipmoon.com


Domain Authority: 35| Page Authority: 49| Spam Score: 16%

8. Danerd.com


Domain Authority: 27| Page Authority: 45| Spam Score: 10%

9. Activistvideo.org


Domain Authority: 19| Page Authority: 31| Spam Score: 7%

10. Gettyload.de


Domain Authority: 19| Page Authority: 29| Spam Score: 9%


DA Sites Status
85 Tv.com ok
86 Wonderhowto.com ok
100 Youtube.com ok
67 Atom.com ok
38 Helpfulvideo.com ok
47 Koldcast.tv ok
26 Selfcasttv.com ok
30 Sharedots.com ok
36 Thexvid.com ok
52 Videofy.me ok
41 Vidipedia.org ok
48 Zapiks.com ok
94 Archive.org ok
44 Bit.tube ok
96 Vimeo.com ok
100 Facebook.com ok


zuber shaikh
zuber shaikh
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