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It is estimated that about 30,000 to 50,000 websites get hacked on a daily basis. And, the number is rapidly growing by the passage of time. As technology has advanced and blessed the world with much ease, it has also made it a challenge to keep the data secure on the internet. As much as it is important to be secure in the physical world, it is equally necessary to be secure in the digital world too.

Your credentials, your sensitive data,and confidential information are on the websites you use or you own. So, let us discuss some major reasons for web security and how we can improve it.

Why Is Web Security Necessary?

Your blogs, YouTube channel, websites, and online accounts are in serious danger. If you are not aware of the damages hacking can cause to your affordable web development company and your overall business, it is a problem. Given below are the reason you should consider before taking hacking lightly.

  • If a cyber-attacker hacks your website, he or she has access to the entire data and resources of your website. Not only do the attackers target your business of their vicious intention, but they also target your customers. Everything associated with your business is severely at stake if you aren’t careful about web security.
  • When a website opens with a warning message that the site might harm the system, people will certainly be careful to not use it. In this manner, a hacked website loses its customers by 95% and the website gets blacklisted.
  • When the website is hacked, it gives users the message that this website should not be trusted. People lack interest in the website no matter how affordable the web development company is. Eventually, the reputation and revenue face a downfall.

What You Can Do to Improve Web Security.

Now that we have discussed why web security is necessary, we will explain the methods to improve your security.

  • Up-to-date Software.

If your website’s application and software are not updated, there is a high chance that your website’s security is going to be compromised. Enable the notifications that send you alert for proctoring software updates and always take those update requests seriously. Although some platforms have automatic update options, which safeguard the web security.

  • Be Careful When You Choose a Password.

Mostly, people use the same password for every platform because they cannot keep a track of newly formed passwords. But, this is a major mistake that hinders security.

Create a new password for every platform. You should come up with unique and difficult passwords that are not easy to guess. Avoid using your personal information for passwords such as your birthdate, your parents’ names, or your pet’s name. Save your password in an offline file, a smartphone, or another computer and change your passwords frequently.

  • Keep A Backup.

 The best solution of all times is maintaining a backup. In your affordable web development company, keeping a backup of your website is necessary. In fact, you should keep more than one backup.

Refrain from saving your backups on the same server where your website is present. Pick your home computer or hard drive to keep your backups on.

Cloud is more convenient in storing the data, hence you can go with the idea of choosing the cloud to maintain your website’s backup on.

  • Scrutinize Your Network Security.

If you are of the view that your website is completely safe, you need to closely investigate your network security. With several employees working for you, you cannot keep a track of everyone’s server and their activities. In order to avoid giving them access to your server, you can activate computer login ins’ inactivity after a short time, or check that every device that is connected with your network is thoroughly scanned for malware.

  • Two-Factors Authorization.

Two-factor authorization helps when an unknown IP address is used to login to your website. It instantly sends a text message on your phone number to confirm if it is you. In case, you did not login, you should change the password quickly.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Let us be careful and not hand over our vulnerabilities to despicable individuals who are prowling with their heinous objectives to take advantage of them anytime.

Zuber Shaikh
Zuber Shaikh
IMZUBER was founded by Zuber S. a renowned SEO expert in Surat. He has spent 10 years working with several firms as a team leader, an online marketing manager, and now he is a refined and unique SEO strategy developer with a demonstrated history in top-ranking across a diverse market.

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